Now displaying Mykola Ridnyi- “Regular Places” Video (from the Ukrainian pavilion) in stills in the store front window of a new location by a familiar name: FOKL.
Mykola Ridnyi: “Unfortunately the idea of the world without nations and borders seems to be more and more utopian in a context of recent changes in the world. In today’s Ukraine the idea of national state belongs to self-identification as a historical victim of Russian imperialism. But I do not appreciate romantic attitude to the idea of liberating nationalism because ongoing war as any war is not romantic. It doesn’t liberate civilians who live on lines of fire and who are similarly afraid of Russian artillery as of Ukrainian one. That is why the national representation of art is very problematic for me and being particularly in Ukrainian pavilion for second time is a big challenge which I accept to reflect on and criticize situation in and around my country with my works. The characters of the works which I presented in 2013 and which I present now are very different. In the case of “Monument to a Monument” I was talking about social and political tendencies which were not really discussed by the Ukrainian society, but which were very visible and problematic for me. One of the works the “Monument / Platforms” from 2011 was touching the issue of a demolition of a Soviet heritage in public space while the other one “Shelter” from 2013 was related to the topic of military education and conditions of bombproof shelters. Today it is visible that these issues have been grown from rare stories into problematic waves and they became anxiety points of public discussions. In a way before works were faster than reality, but today life is definitely faster than any kind of art. Mass media is extremely fast, especially with reports from the “hot spots”, and it is actually a big problem. The comprehension of the last events is missing. My aim connecting to the works which I present this year is not just to fix or focus on some problems, but also to try to open new layers of understanding and new levels of discussion.”
FOKL center kck
Window display at 11 south 7th st., KCK 66101, adjacent to former Burgers-to-Go parking lot.
FOKL is a DIY music/art venue in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, KS.  All shows are free to the public.  Music shows are a donation or free depending on the night.  The money made at the door goes to support the traveling bands and artists.  FOKL is volunteer-run.  If you are interested in helping out, get in touch with us and we will give you info to attend our meetings. >>>>